Species Info
Step into the Light

With the arrival of Demons it was only a matter of time before a higher power stepped in. Hosts of Angels led by powerful Celestials have joined the fray to deal out Divine justice to all deserving. You refuse to stop your evil ways so they will stop them for you.


Solar: 2500 Strength
Planetar: 5000 Strength
Astral: 7000 Strength

Can Turn:

Angels, Hybrids, Hunters and Familiars.

Can Join:

Angel Hosts.

Dormant Limit:

6 Hours per day.

Kill Costs:

Pureblood:  3000
Alpha Lycan:  3000
High Neko:   3000
Demon Lord:  3000
Celestial:  3000
Arch Mage:  3000
High Witch:  3000
High Elf:  3000
Greater Drow:  3000
Zombie Lord:  3000
Glaurung:  3000
Hunter:  1500
Hybrid:  2000
Vampire:  250
Lycan:  250
Neko:  250
Demons:  250
Angels:  250
Mage:  250
Witch:  250
White Elf:  250
Dark Elf:  250
Zombie:  250
Dragon:  250

Draining Humans (Unregistered):

Up to 2 strength per aura drained, per person, per day.