Species Info
Be wary of the shadows.


  • Demons are among us, and you only have yourselves to blame. You shed blood again and again, sometimes your own, more favorably that of your enemies; Either way the blood runs deep as the battle rages. You're not even safe among your own kind.
  • It has not gone unnoticed.
  • Drawn by the stench of unending war, Demon Lords are gathering their Legions, thier soul purpose to rid you of yours.

Can Turn:





Can Join

Demon Hordes


Imp: 2500 Strength

Legion: 5000 Strength

Dormant Limit

6 Hours per day.

Kill Costs

Emperor: 5000

Pureblood: 3000

Alpha Lycan: 3000

High Neko: 3000

Demon Lord: 3000

Celestial: 3000

High Witch: 3000

High Elf: 3000

Greater Drow: 3000

Zombie Lord: 3000

Glaurung: 3000

Hybrid: 1500

Hunter: 350

Vampire: 250

Lycan: 250

Neko: 250

Demon: 250

Angel: 250

Mage: 250

Witch: 250

Zombie: 250

Dragon: 250

Draining Humans


Up to 2 Liters per bite, per person, per day.