Species Info
Be wary of the shadows.

Demons are among us, and you only have yourselves to blame. You shed blood again and again, sometimes your own, more favorably that of your enemies; Either way the blood runs deep as the battle rages. You're not even safe among your own kind.

It has not gone unnoticed.

Drawn by the stench of unending war, Demon Lords are gathering their Legions, thier soul purpose to rid you of yours.


Imp: 2500 Strength
Legion: 5000 Strength

Can Turn:

Demons, Hybrids, Hunters and Familiars.

Can Join:

Demon Hordes.

Dormant Limit:

6 Hours per day.

Kill Costs:

Pureblood:  3000
Alpha Lycan:  3000
High Neko:   3000
Demon Lord:  3000
Celestial:  3000
Arch Mage:  3000
High Witch:  3000
High Elf:  3000
Greater Drow:  3000
Zombie Lord:  3000
Glaurung:  3000
Hunter:  1500
Hybrid:  2000
Vampire:  250
Lycan:  250
Neko:  250
Demon:  250
Angel:  250
Mage:  250
Witch:  250
White Elf:  250
Dark Elf:  250
Zombie:  250
Dragon:  250

Draining Humans (Unregistered):

Up to 2 strength per soul, per person, per day.