About The Hud


Please note, the huds are distributed with Copy Only permissions meaning there are No Refunds.

This is required to allow us to freely distribute future updates.

All information is available before purchase by clicking our vendors,speaking with our staff or browsing our website.

If anything should go wrong with with your HUD our technical support will do all they can to help you out,

and fresh copies can be freely provided.

We are a kill or be killed game this is not a game for the weak, meek or mild.

Please read all available info on what you're getting before you buy it!



  • Drag the delivery Module that the vendor sent you from your inventory and rezz it, (do not open the delivery module)
  • once rezzed it will send the boxed HUD to you.
  • Just drag your boxed HUD from your inventory to the ground. Now right click on it and choose open, then choose Copy to Inventory.
  • Under your recent items tab in your inventory you will find your Hunger HUD. Just right click on those items in your inventory and choose WEAR or ADD TO WORN
  • The HUD will appear at the top left on your screen and will show 3 main buttons (2 in the case of the Familiar Hud), two end arrows, a flight assist, and the words "Hunger First Blood".



  • Once you know the clan you wish to join you will need to bite one of it's members. Get within drain range (30 meters) of your target, click the large Bite button in the middle of the HUD, and select their name from the pop up list. If the person is able to turn you it will pop up another menu asking if you want to request to join their clan. Click "Yes" and they will be sent a request. Once accepted, you will be sent a message saying you have joined their clan / pack lieged to the target. The species you become will depend on your HUD type, so if you have different HUD types please be sure to wear the correct one!



Hunger Hud Instructions v4.4

The Buttons:

Power On/Off Button:

  • The first button is at the top the green or red with a on/off symbol on it which is what it is for this button will turn your HUD on and off. When the button is green it is on and when the buttons are red then the HUD is off. But remember turning the HUD off or detaching the HUD does not mean you will not be killed if you are active.


Scanner On/Off Button:

  • This is the first large button on the left. Touching this button does what it says. It turns the scanner on and off. Unlike the older huds of hunger once you turn the scanner on there is no need to touch it again unless you want to turn the scanner off. It automatically refreshes the scan.

Bite Button:

  • The next button is your Bite or Feed button. This button is for feed on humans, for joining a clan or pack, and for bringing family / alliance members out of dormancy. Minions can also use it to initiate a drain request from family leaders or Familiars. Biting these will request permission to drain their blood, and should they accept, they will get a selection of how much to allow you to drain. Note: This function ONLY works when biting an unleiged Pureblood, Alpha Lycan or Familiar within your own family or Allies.


Kill Button:

  • The furthest button on the right is your Kill button (Does not apply to Familiar Huds)... hit this when you are within range of a targeted player to kill them. Note: You will need enough blood in you in order to kill the varying species. SO, feed feed feed!


Hide Left /Hide Right Arrows:

  • Either side of the HUD you will see two arrows. These allow you to hide the HUD to the left or to the right, (should you prefer attaching your HUD to the right hand side of your screen).

  • The green dots inside the arrows either side of the HUD let you know if your in a safe zone or kill zone. Red is kill zone, green is safe zone.


Options Menu:

  • In the middle of your HUD are the words "Hunger First Blood" for vampires, €œnocturnal carnage;€ for lycans or whatever species you are. If you click on the words it will open your Options menu in the top right of your screen.


Refresh Hud:

  • Will reset every script in your HUD in the event something goes wrong.



  • Will link you to the website.



  • Will exit or close menu.



  • This button will give you a break from the game. You cannot be killed while dormant unless the Vengeance weapon is used. This weapon may not be used at places of business. You can bring yourself out of dormant by coming to the store and hitting the dormant board, or by getting a clan / pack member to bite you. PLEASE USE DORMANT AT WORK ETC., IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE KILLED THERE. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO GO DORMANT AND GET KILLED, DEAL WITH IT, AND DON'T REPORT TO SIM OWNERS THAT YOU WERE KILLED OR YOUR ARE THE ONE IN VIOLATION OF THE RULES

  • ATTENTION: Dormancy works only up to 6 hours in a 24 hour time, weather you are signed into SL or not!!!




  • Will ask you to let your HUD know if you are a male or female. (For Ground Battling)


Back To Life:

  • This button will set you back to life if you been killed it will cost you an amount of strength to be brought back to life. The strength will come out of your bank and not your avatar. So you must have strength in your bank to be able to use this button.



  • This will only work for Purebloods and Alphas and other leaders with no liege. Clicking Alliance will scan for nearby targets and pop up a list. To offer an alliance to another clan / pack leader, select their name from the list. They will be prompted to accept. Once created, your Alliances can be viewed on your clan's info page and will include the founders names and the date. Forming an alliance means your members will no longer be able to kill members of the allied family.


Set Hunter / Set Hybrid / Set Familiar:

  • The Hunter, Hybrid and Familiar huds have these options to allow you to change to your new species. Should you purchase one of these huds while already in a clan as a different species, click this button to change to your new species.



  • This will only work for unlieged Alphas and Purebloods and is used to remove member from your clan / pack.



  • Will take you to your Hunger Profile page where you can find your kills, deaths, liege, blood totals etc.


Leave Clan:

  • This will remove you from the clan you are in you will loose 25% of your blood by leaving your clan/pack. You will not loose blood if your Leader kicks you! SO, talk to them first and save the blood.


Leave Game:

  • Should you decide you'd like to leave the Hunger, this button will remove you from the game and your profile will no longer appear on our website. Should you ever decide you want to come back you will need to contact our staff. Removing yourself from the game will last a minimum of one week.


Combat Mode:

  • Will set your HUD for the type of kill you want to make weather it is a flight kill (flight kill or walk up and kill) or ground battling.



  • Are the Blue lettering you see on your HUD it will show you what species your are and family then on the second line it will show your strength, active status and multi.


Lock Bar:

  • Shows the person you have locked. They will show up red when they are in range of a kill.


Enemies/Allies/Human Button:

  • Once you have your scanner turned on you will notice a tab underneath the Lock Bar. Touch the tab and it will drop down to show the Enemies / Allies / Human Buttons. On each of these buttons you will see a green or red light that will show if these button are on or off. This helps with hunting as in if you are out hunting you can turn Allies and Humans off and only enemies will show.


Text Adjust Arrows:

  • On the left of your Enemies/Allies/Human Buttons you will see a button with a up arrow and a down arrow. Use these to adjust the text on your HUD
  • Note:Your kills and deaths will still be visible under other players profile pages (we will not remove kills other players have made against you and decrease their kill count!).
  • Note:Certain changes are prevented and you will need to contact a member of staff you switch you over. This id to prevent accident, and changing back and forth on the fly.


Hunger Groups:

Please ask to be added to the groups by contacting Hunger Management, or any assigned staff who can do the adds.If you have any problems please contact a member of staff. Technical issues and general questions about the game can also be asked in The Hunger Firstblood Group. Any technical issues that can't be resolved there should be taken to Tryptofaa Sands. The Hunger Chaterz Group is for posting kills and chatting.For any further questions on The HUD itself please feel free to ask. However, most questions can be answered in note cards and by The Hunger Staff.

Thank You,

charliedew2 Dezno
Tryptofaa Sands
And The Staff of The Hunger
Happy Hunting.


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