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These questions assume you at least got as far as unboxing your hud and putting it on. For the total beginners guide, please click here to read about the hud.

For the purpose of these questions, the term 'Clan' is used to refer to Vampire Clans, Lycan Packs, Demon Hordes, etc. 'Popup' or "menu" refers to the blue Dialog menu windows that appear in the top right of your screen.

How to fully clear your Second Life cache (NOT using the "Clear Cache" button)

I've added this to the top of the FAQ's because you would be amazed at the weird and wonderful issues I have solved by getting people to properly clear their cache, from general slow-downs to upside down textures. It seems to be the SL equivalent of "Have you turned it off and on again?".

The Clear Cache button simply doesn't remove everything it should, so here is how to properly clear it for a fresh start. If you want to use the faster lazy method (that also relocates your cache to a more convenient place for clearing) scroll down a bit.

NOTE: I'm not sure how relevant this actually is for viewer 2.0 as I've not used it enough, it might do a proper job with the Clear Cache button, but it certainly won't do it any harm to try if you're having any issues.

Step 1: Locating your Cache folder

Viewer 1.23

If you're still using the old 1.23 viewer (or any 3rd party viewer based on it) go to Edit - Preferences - Network and note the "Disk Cache Location".

Viewer 2.0

In viewer 2.0 go to Me - Preferences - Setup and note the "Cache Location". (Note, for some annoying reason you can't actually select the text in viewer 2.0, but the location is likely something like "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\SecondLife" in Vista and Windows 7. I can't remember the file structure of XP but I think it's similar minus the "Local" part. I've never touched a Mac so can't help you wth those.

Step 2: Browse to the folder in explorer

Load up explorer (no, not internet explorer... windows explorer).. if you don't know where to find that, go to your start menu and type "Windows Explorer" into the search box. Once there you will need to find the folder you noted in step 1.

NOTE: If you can't see the "AppData" folder

This folder is a system folder, and is often hidden by default. To make it visible, go to your Start menu, and search for "Folder Options" in the search box. Once there, go to the "View" tab and scroll down to and check "Show Hidden files, folders and drives". Click "Ok" and you should now be able to see your AppData folder.

Step 3: Delete all the crap inside the SecondLife cache folder (Please make sure you're inside the actual cache folder, if you have any doubt and are scared about deleting stuff, please see the "Lazy Method" a little further down)

You will likely see 2 folders, one relating to textures, another to objects, and then a whole bunch of files with random looking file names. It is perfectly safe to just delete the whole lot. You will probably have to close Second Life before it will let you delete all of them as several of the files will be in use.

That's it!

Log back into Second life and see if things have improved.

Lazy Method

Go to the preferences tab that shows your cache location, as described in step 1 above.

Click the "Browse" (viewer 2.0) or "Set" (viewer 1.23) button, create a new folder in a convenient place (i.e. on your desktop) and select that folder to be your new cache location. Relog.

This will give you a nice clean cache folder, and make deleting everything out of it easier in the future. If you use 3rd party clients, such as Kirstens viewer, you might want to give them a separate folder if they do so themselves (For example, Kirstens viewer uses "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Kirstens s20").

How do I report a possible bug with a Hunger Product?

First, please read through this page for a possible solution to your problem. If nothing helps, please create a new note card by going to "Create -> New Note"  in your inventory. Please do not use a note card someone else has sent to you, I use the note cards properties to quickly find the correct spelling of your name should you forget to sign it (Oh yeah.. don't forget to sign it with a correctly spelled name :p). Please NAME your note card! A sea of New Note's makes it very difficult to keep track of them! Set your note card to no-transfer by right clicking it and selecting 'Properties', this is good advice in general to avoid anyone else sending out note cards that appear to be from you. Please read through the following what to's and what not to's so we can get the ball rolling and skip the first 5 or so question I would have to ask when I contact you :) Not all will be relevant, but it will give you an idea of what I'm after.

What to include:
  • Anything you've already tried doing to fix it.
  • Please be careful to spell all avatar full names correctly, preferably by copy-pasting from their profile. This saves me a surprising amount of time.
  • Any local chatter from the hud surrounding a particular incident. Messages from the hud tell me a great deal about what happened.
  • In what way does it 'Not Work'? certain aspects, options, buttons, all of the above?
  • If it's specific to a certain avatar you tried to kill or bite, what was their name?
  • Does it happen all the time, once in a while, only in certain sims (names if available please).
  • When did it start, and can you think of anything else that changed about your avatar, viewer, computer at that time?
  • Was the sim so laggy that you were getting frequent freezes just by simply trying to walk, let alone play a The Hunger?
  • What SL viewer are you using? (e.g. Standard, Emerald, Gemini, others).
  • What other huds / scripted devices are you using? AO's, scanners, etc.
  • Do you get the same problem with your alts / other computers? (or partners using the same computer).
  • What time did it happen? (May help me track things down in my logs).
  • Can you reproduce the problem?

* Finally, go to the SL viewers 'Help' menu and select "About Second Life". Copy the top section of the 'About Second Life' window and paste it at the bottom of your note card.
This will give me some information about your system and help me track down broader problems.

What NOT to include:
  • Drama.
  • Cheat reports (take those to your Purebloods / Alphas).
  • Private instant messages you've had with people (without prior consent).
  • Anything already covered on this page you haven't tried yet :)

How do I join a Vampire Clan or Lycan Pack?

First, make sure you are wearing the correct Hud type. The hud type you are wearing is the species you will become, so if you own both a Vampire and a Hybrid hud, you'll most likely want to be sure you have the hud named 'The Hunger - Dawn of the Hybrid' on before your turn. See below on how to find your correct hud.

Next, get within bite range of who ever you want to be your Liege in the clan. Click the bite button, and select the players name from the drop down menu. If that person is able to turn you, you will get another popup asking if you would like to request to join their clan. Select 'Yes', and they will now receive a popup of their own with the request. If they accept, you should receive a message soon after that all has worked (or at least an explanation as to why it may not have). For details on who can turn whom and to which clan types please read the Game Info page.

How can I find my Hunger Hud in my inventory?

To find your hud, open your inventory to the All Items tab and type the appropriate hud name into the search box. ALWAYS keep a copy of your different hud types, and preferably a copy of the box / delivery module; It's often the quickest way to get the latest copy of the hud, and to prove to us that you owned one should you ever need too.

Current Huds are named as follows:
  • Vampires / Purebloods:    "The Hunger - First Blood v4.5"
  • Lycans / Alphas:    "The Hunger - Nocturnal Carnage v4.5"
  • Hybrids:    "The Hunger - Dawn of the Hybrid v4.5"
  • Hunters:    "The Hunger - Slayers of Blood v4.5"
  • Familiars:    "The Hunger - Blood Doll v4.5"
  • Nekos:    "The Hunger - Neko Invasion v4.5"
  • Demons:    "The Hunger - Demon Cast v4.5"
  • Angels:    "The Hunger - Divine Intervention v4.5"
  • Mages:    "The Hunger - Arcanum Arcanorum v4.5"
  • Witches:    "The Hunger - Haegtessa v4.5"

You can also search for "The Hunger Vampire Hud Delivery Module (Rez me)", or "The Hunger Vampire Hud v4.5 (box)", replacing 'Vampire' with the appropriate hud type. Boxes can always be re-opened to get a fresh copy of the hud, and delivery modules will always send you the latest boxed copy of that hud type when rezzed on the ground.

When I click my flight assist power bar, it reads as -100%, and the bar doesn't move

The flight assist bar works by reading the position you touched the prim face and that feature is only possible if you're using a newer SL viewer (I think the feature was added in July 2008, so you must be using a pretty damn old viewer!). Solution: Get a current viewer :)


My hud has totally frozen, I can't click anything! What should I do?

Several possibilities:
  • If you find that you can't even see the cursor turn to a little hand when you mouse over the buttons, then you'll most likely find no other huds / objects can be touched either. This seem to be a SL issue that affects various viewers. Quickest fix is usually to right click on any object, select 'Edit', and then just close the edit window. That often clears up the problem and you should see the little hand and touch again.
  • Failing that, make sure you're in a script enabled zone, and if not, go to one. You can check by looking at the bar at the top of your screen. If you see a little picture of a script with a red stop symbol over it, you are on a no-script parcel.
  • Finally, make sure you do not have any other huds on with invisible parts that cover the Hunger Hud. Pressing Ctrl-alt-t will show any invisible objects as red. If you see anything that doesn't look attached to the hud, try to move it or detach it.
  • If all else fails, find a copy of your box / delivery module in your inventory as described above, and get a fresh copy of the hud. Please do inform Tryptofaa Sands if you tried all of the above with no result. See the top of this page for the best way to go about reporting a bug.

"I killed this guy, but it said 'You're already dead' but I didn't get the 'You were killed' message till after! Wth?!"

Aka: "I clicked scan and it said 'No targets in range' and 1 second later I was killed! Dude...whutup?!?!?"
This is a common bug with Human v2.1 known in the Click to Kill industry as "Slow finger". It simply means they killed you first, and in the case of the "No targets in range" it means they swooped past you, clicked kill at just the right moment to get you (keep in mind they may have already got a lock on you in a prior pass), and were out of your range a split second later. Simply put, it means they are good. Or lucky ;)

Also please consider, the "You were killed by" messages you see are sent as an IM from the attackers hud, where as the "You're already dead" or "They got you first" messages are sent from your own. IM's sent from scripts can have a slight delay at the best of times. Couple this with the fact that it's a bit faster for the server to reply to you and say "You're already dead" than it is for your attackers hud to make you dead, write the kill records, update his blood levels etc. All before getting the reply from the server that it was a good kill and finally sending you an IM about it. This explains the vast majority of confusion over actions vs. text readout timing you get while playing. Messages may not always arrive in the order you might expect!

How do I report someone for cheating?

The Hunger Court meets on Wednesdays and Sundays, times will be announced beforehand in the official Hunger groups. If you want to have a case heard you must turn up in person to present it.

How can I prove someone was cheating?

First, if you're reading this before you've had this problem there are a few things to can do to prepare. Got to "File -> Take Snapshot" or hit Ctrl-Shift-S. Click "More >>" if you can see it. Check the following -"Save to your inventory", "Show interface in snapshot", "Keep open after saving". Uncheck "Show HUD objects in snapshot". Make sure your "Size" drop down menu is set to Large (512 x 512). You'll now be ready to take a useful snapshot should the need arise.

If you really want to get serious about it, you could always download fraps.This will allow you to record your screen while playing and could potentially provide good evidence in hard to prove situations. Please do take privacy issues into consideration though!

Cages: First off... DON'T SIT ON THEM! Many cages will either orbit you and / or deform your avatar when you sit on them! Hit Ctrl-3 to open an edit window,or right click any object and select 'Edit'. If the cage is invisible, hit Ctrl-Alt-T. This will show invisible objects and hopefully give you a better view. If you still cant see anything, left-click-drag a selection square around your avatar, being careful not to select any other objects nearby. This might select some of the more sneaky cages out there. Once you can see and / or have your cage selected, look at your edit window. Click the 'General' tab, there you will see the Object name, description, creator name, and the one we're after, the owner name. Now hit Ctrl-Shift-S, or goto File -> Take Snapshot, make sure it's set up as described above, click 'Refresh Snapshot', then 'Save (L$10)'. This should give you a picture of you, in a selected cage, and clearly show who its owner is.

We prefer directly uploaded snapshots as only then do they actually appear as a snapshot, rather than an uploaded texture. This tells us right away that the picture has not been altered in any way.

This same technique applies to various other followers, including using the click-drag-select technique to find tiny followers that might be hiding inside your avatar. You can also snapshot local chat as proof that someone said something. Copy-pasted chat logs can not be relied upon.
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