Game Info

The Hunger First Blood Game System

We would like to welcome you to The Hunger!

The Hunger First Blood is a complete Hud based combat game system within SL.We have an abundance of supernatural and fantasy species to choose from. Hunt and stalk your prey, join your allies in combat, or simply go head to head with another supernatural. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the leader boards? Want to find out what drives your darkest desires and fantasies? If so come to the dark side!

Let's get started!

1.You will not need lot of equipment to play our game, just a HUD and blood.

There are other game components available and more will be released in the future as the game continues to grow. However, these are not required for you to participate in game play. HUDS can be purchased via Hunger First Blood vendors only. These items will never be available on market place.

2. Once you have picked your species you will need a family.

If you do not already have friends in The Hunger or a family to go to, staff will be more than happy to assist you in finding a home suited to your needs. Every family is different please feel free to interview more than one before deciding what is right for you.

3. Family's are species based.

(Vampires go with Vampires and Lycans go with Lycans) The only exceptions are Hunters, Familiars, Hybrids, and Emperors.

4. Once you have joined a family you will want to register on the website.

This will allow you to keep up with new information, statistics, personal and clan information. You can get more detailed information on how to join the website via the join the website tab here on the website, or from staff at the Hunger First Blood Store.

Getting Blood/Strength

1. Blood can be purchased via vendors at The Hunger First Blood store, and or purchased Directly from Charliedew2 Dezno during special blood sales.

( The contact for getting your blood will be announced via notice with each sale.)

2. You may also bite + drain for your blood.

Our game is discrete so as not to disturb any non-players you bite. They will not receive a pop-up and they will not be told you've "bitten" them. The Hunger Hud does not actually remove anything from any avatar, the strength you get from bites only exists within our game, and your victim will not become a part of The Hunger simply by being bitten. They will also never appear on our website in any way. Please see the species tabs in order to find out it's drain amount.

Becoming a Leader/Owning your own family.

1. You can Lease a leader position and or clan by contacting Charliedew2 Dezno directly.

Clans may be resold via the clan board at the Hunger First Blood store.For more information about this please contact a staff member.

Training/ Learning to use your HUD

1. You may use the tutorial videos provided via the tabs on the website.
2. You can ask your family if they provide training.
3. You may contact Dj Oxidor for training sessions.

All other Hunger First Blood Game information can be accessed via the tabs on top and the sides.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask a staff member.

Please note, the huds are distributed with Copy Only permissions meaning there are No Refunds. This is required to allow us to freely distribute future updates. All information is available before purchase by clicking our vendors or speaking with our staff. If anything should go wrong with your HUD our technical support will do all they can to help you out, and fresh copies can be freely provided.
To be in accordance with TOS, when you buy the HUD you agree to the conditions and terms of the game rules. You will be asked to confirm this when you first wear your hud, and you can view the most up-to-date rules by following the link in the menu on the right.


The House of Pure Bloods / The House of Carnage

The Hunger has not only its full time store staff and management, but it also has the House of Pure Bloods. These are the leaders of each clan and pack ( of any species)and are the voices for you players. They take votes on all necessary changes and rules and represent the players so that their voices made be heard. Each family may choose one representative to speak for them at each meeting. Contact a member of management for the correct tag and or if you have questions.

The Hunger owes its success to the players and their dedication in making us the best supernatural gaming system in SL.Thank you for taking the time to play The Hunger First Blood!

Happy Hunting and Stay Safe,
Charliedew2 Dezno, Tryptofaa Sands,(Owners/CEO's)
The Staff of The Hunger First Blood