Species Info


  • Lead by powerful Alpha Lycans, a Lycan pack is one of the few things that can strike fear in to the dead hearts of Vampires (though no Vampire would admit such a thing). Truth can been seen however in the alliances that have recently been formed between some Vampire clans and Lycan packs. Despite these tenuous ties between Packs and Clans, many Vampires still consider themselves to be above Lycans in the order of the underverse, and because of this they will always be sworn enemies at heart. Lycans are certainly no underdog and they're out to prove a point. Cross them at your peril.

Can Turn:






Can Join

Lycan Clans


BloodBeast: 1000

BeastMaster: 2000

DeathMaster: 3000

CrimsonKnight: 4000 Strength

BloodLord: 5000 Strength

Dormant Limit

6 Hours per day.

Kill Costs

Emperor: 5000

Pureblood: 3000

Alpha Lycan: 3000

High Neko: 3000

Demon Lord: 3000

Celestial: 3000

High Witch: 3000

High Elf: 3000

Greater Drow: 3000

Zombie Lord: 3000

Glaurung: 3000

Hybrid: 1500

Hunter: 350

Vampire: 250

Lycan: 250

Neko: 250

Demon: 250

Angel: 250

Mage: 250

Witch: 250

Zombie: 250

Dragon: 250

Draining Humans


Up to 2 Liters per bite, per person, per day.