Creating An Account

Creating an account

Certain areas of this site require you to log in. To create an account you must first be a registered Hunger Player (purchase one of our huds). You will then be able to click the registration kiosk at The Hunger's main store. This will create a user account with your Second Life avatars name and send you a random password.

You will need to follow the link in the activation email to activate your account, then log in using your full avatar name and the password provided in the email.

Once logged in you will be able to see Hunger game info such as clans, profiles and statistics. Don't forget to change your password for security, but please do not use your Second Life password!

You can purchase a Hud and sign up to the website by visiting The Hunger's main store.


Forgot your username

Your username is always your avatar name, including the 'Resident' part if your avatar has only a first name.


Forgot your password

Please go to The Hunger's main store and use the registration device again.