Hunger Update v3.1
Written by Tryp   
Sunday, 20 September 2009 16:36

The Hunger Hud v3.0 was recently released with various new features to enhance the game and reduce certain forms of cheating. The main new feature is the built in scanner that gives you information about your potential targets, highlighting friends, enemies and humans via their colour, and showing you their distance and direction. You can also target your victims directly from the scanner doing away with the need for pop up menus (although the pop ups are also still there if you prefer them). There is also a built in flight assist so you won't have to go out and purchase a separate one just to keep up! You can of course turn it off and use your preferred flight assist, but you will have to set it at a reasonable level! To prevent cheating using instant teleport devices that drop your attackers right on top of your head from thousands of meters away, the hud will now look out for these events and leave the attacker vulnerable for 10 seconds, giving you the chance to get away or make the kill first. We hope this will go a long way to making The Hunger a fair and balanced battlefield! Finally you get a 30 second safe period when teleporting to a new sim to help prevent you being killed the moment you arrive as you lag through the rez.

Click the picture below to learn more about the Hud.

Hunger Hud Instructions

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