Species Info

The Familiar hud gives you a way to play as a Human officially lieged to another player in a clan or pack, but without the kill or be killed side of The Hunger. The kill button has been removed so the hud has only 3 main buttons, refresh, scan and drain. Although you belong to only one clan and master, you must still be respectful, and it is not your place to be killing supernaturals. Your role is to serve your Liege and your clan.

Although unable to take blood from supernaturals or other Familiers, you do have the ability to totally drain the blood from humans. You are free to collect blood for your clan with the safty that your position provides. Clan members and Allies will have to request permission to bite you and you have full control over how much to let them drain. Familars are able to join any clan type, but can not turn new members.

You know your place. Your purpose is clear. Move quietly among the humans and drain them for all they have. Serve your clan well and they will prevail.

Can Turn:


Can Join:

All Clan Types.

Dormant Limit:


Kill Costs:


Draining Humans (Unregistered):

Up to 8 strength per drain, per person, per day.