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Written by KS   
Wednesday, 03 July 2019 10:34

First of all, those that have been loyal to The Hunger, First Blood, all of these years, thank you. You are the ones that kept it and kept me going when I really wanted to walk away.

The Hunger started in 2008. It was fun! It had a long run, 2008-2019. I purchased it June 3 2011. There have been many games come and go, but again, there was only one Hunger.

It is with deepest regret that I am going to have to shut The Hunger down due to my health and other reasons. The scripts have been copied by many, but there was only one Hunger. If you want to know the other reasons, you may IM me. Most of the players know about the health issues I have had over the years, with them getting more serious in 2019.

I offered the game to Tryp, at no charge, but recieved no response. He is part owner and scriptor. I tried. I kep this game going over the years because of the players. It dang sure wasnt because I was making money, it was because of the loyal members of the Hunger. I havent made any money over the years, so dont let someone say I have.

I will not shut the servers down until the end of July or first of August. Please use all of your blood, because I know you worked hard for that.

If you have any questions, please contact me. If i do not answer right away, it is because I am not at the computer. You are welcome to Dejavu anytime as I will keep the sims. I will leave the groups open, so that at least most of us can stay in touch. Just behave yourselves..:P Again, thank you for your loyalty. This has been a hard decision to make. I truly loved the game. Enjoy the last month of the game, let's go out with a Boom!!!!!

Respects and Love to all,

charliedew2 Dezno

Majority Owner

The Hunger, First Blood

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