Staff Contact Info
Written by Tryp   
Sunday, 26 January 2014 15:58

Staff Contact Information

This is your Hunger CHAIN OF COMMAND!
Generally, If you have an issue,
First - Go to Staff; if staff cannot correct, then
Second - Staff and individual will go to, Sr Staff (at the store) then to management
If management cannot correct, they go to owner.
There is no reason to run straight to the owner with issues that can be easily handled by staff and/or management.

The Hunger Management

Hunger CEO & Owners

Charliedew2 Dezno
Tryptofaa Sands

Hunger Managers

CherokeeBrat Teardrop - Manager


Kick Shuffle

Battle Zone

Kick Shuffle-Manager

Hunger Beginners Groupƒ

DJ Oxidor

Store Senior Staff
Friday Teardrop
UKMadness Resident


Hunger Store
First - Staff on duty
Second - Staff and individual go to, Sr Staff then to Management
If they cannot correct - to Owner

Battle Zone
All Battle Zone complaints must be directed to Kick Shuffle. All complaints are handled by him, not DCs.

Here is your list of ACTIVE DC's and Judges.


Nickib27 Resident
Faith Lowbeam
Suzie Yasimoto
ReverendDoobie Wardark
Dustinn Cooperstone
Friday Teardrop
rielle Kalinakov
Colt Blazewood


Senior Court Judges

Ruffian Landar
Xander Wyx
Dark Lyre
DocBlood Boucher

Supreme Court Judges

charliedew2 Dezno