Battle Zone Rules


The Hunger Battle Zone is Owned by The Hunger Firstblood

It is operated by Battle Zone Manager Kick Shuffle

For anything regarding the Battle Zone, Please come to him.

The Battle Zone Complaint/reporting system is located at The Hunger Battle Zone(dejavu)

☠Hunger Battle Zone Rules☠

The rules listed here are up-to date and

enforced by Hunger Staff & Managers.

Remember this platform is donated by the owner of the Hunger, set on Hunger property, so players have a place to play.

Rules must be followed, or you will be ejected/banned, without warning. How long? That is up to staff/management(s) to decide the appropriate length, taking the broken rule into consideration. Rules are up to date and enforced.

While on the sim Dejavu, please remember that the The Hunger First Blood owner(s)/manager(s) have the final say. If you are banned, ejected, or region banned by them, or Hunger Staff,it is not Battle Sim Staff responsibility. You will have to speak with the game owner(s), managers(s), or approach Hunger staff on duty.

NOBODY who is associated with the Battle Zone, can un ban players that have been banned Hunger Store Manager(s), and The Hunger First Blood Owner(s)

DC cases are not accepted, as the Battle Zone has its own reporting/complaint system.

Now that that is clear, lets get onto the rules.


Now up to the Battle Zone Manager in coalition with The Hunger Owner(s) & Manager(s)

PLEASE always refer to your Hunger Rules as they are followed AND enforced at the Battle Zone.

This is a really simple and easy rule........ NO DRAMA !
Keep it in your IM boxes, it will not be tolerated at the Battle Zone. For those starting, involved in, on voice or inworld local chat or Hunger Groups, continuing drama will be subject to the same punishment as those who started it.

Must not be higher than 150.

No humans at the Battle Zone. All humans/reg humans up on the platform will be ejected without warning.

Familiars cannot fly above the platform. doing so will result in ejection from the Battle Zone.

Super blood can be used in the air. No killing in safe zones with SB. Vengence is disabled.
Non-Hunger weapons are banned.

If asked to remove a non-hunger weapon, you must do so while you are on sim, or risk getting yourself removed from Dejavu.

When you fly at the Battle Zone you fly at YOUR OWN RISK. If this is not something you can handle, flying at the Battle Zone may not be for you. All players compete differently.
(Note: For example; Double Teaming, Gang Banging, or Staying in the air while dead.)

Per House of Pure bloods other game play is allowed ONLY IN the battle zone flight area on Dejavu (4100 meters and above.) See rules for use of external huds/flight assists on the website while participating in The Hunger.

This must be done at the Battle Zone with Battle Zone Staff, Management, or Hunger Management present. Unallied fighting is allowed anywhere, but if one person or both have bounties, it must be witnessed, by Staff.


Will NOT be tolerated, and will result in a permanent ban.

Harassment of staff and players; please refer to harassment rule and punishments for clarification.

Please note its your responsibility to check both websites ( LL and Hunger TOS) for up-to-date information.

All LL Terms apply, and will take power over the Hunger Battle Zone, they are available here;

Thank you for following rules and making this a safe, and enjoyable place to play, within a drama free environment.

☠Happy Hunting☠

From all of us at The Hunger, we hope to see you soon!

The Hunger FirstBlood Owner: charliedew2 Dezno
The Hunger Battle Zone Manager: Kick Shuffle