Species Info
High Elf

High Elves are White Elf Tribe leaders. They get to decide what happens within their tribe, the direction they will take, who is friend and who is foe and of course, who stays and who goes. Main tribe leaders (leaders with no liege) have the ability to form alliances with other tribes, liters, clans etc. And to distribute strength to members. When a member drains you, you will be asked for permission and then given a choice of how much to let them drain. With the ability to drain a human of 4 times the strength that a normal elf can, you'll be able to provide for your family when they need it.

High Elves do not have a special Hud, the position is set by Hunger staff either on purchasing your own tribe or a High Elf position within an existing tribe (with permission from the tribe owner). Secondary High Elf positions are tied to the original tribe for which they were purchased, meaning should you decide to leave your tribe for another you will not take your position with you, the only exception being when you paid for the position yourself AND you did not leave the tribe of your own accord (kicked by the tribe owner). If you own a tribe with multiple leaders and any should decide to leave, you will be able to assign those position to another member of your choosing.

High Elves and secondary positions may be purchased directly from charliedew2 Dezno. You will be able to choose your own tribe name and can sell the tribe on later if you wish.

Can Turn:

White Elves, Hybrids, Hunters, Familiars.

Can Join:

White Elf Tribes.

Dormant Limit:

6 Hours per day.

Kill Costs:

Pureblood:  3000
Alpha Lycan:  3000
High Neko: 3000
Demon Lord: 3000
Celestial:  3000
Arch Mage:  3000
High Witch:  3000
High Elf:  3000
Greater Drow:  3000
Zombie Lord:  3000
Glaurung:  3000
Hybrid:  2000
Hunter:  1500
Vampire:  250
Lycan:  250
Neko:  250
Demon: 250
Angel:  250
Mage:  250
Witch:  250
White Elf:  250
Dark Elf:  250
Zombie:  250
Dragon:  250

Draining Humans (Unregistered):

Up to 8 strength per person, per day.