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Saturday, 14 September 2013 20:09

Hey folks!

The Hunger has moved to brand new servers and the huds have been updated to v4.5.

Summery of changes

  • Communication improvements - Huds are less reliant on http-in which should make killing and biting much faster and more reliable.
  • HTTP-IN improvements - When http-in is required (e.g. ground combat) fail-safes will re-try failed messages and send you warnings when the region is having problems.
  • Hud Scanner - Now a full-sim scanner using llGetAgentList() and improvements to reaction times when clicking on the scan window
  • New servers - Both the game and website are running on new, faster, better servers, with SSD's to improve database operation speed.
  • Website Improvements - Website uses it's own local replicated database, so no matter how hard players hit the statistics pages it will have no effect at all on game play speed.

Read on for more details......

The main problem: HTTP-In

The main changes I've made involve HTTP-In. This is a feature of Second Life that allows you to assign a web address to objects and we use this in part to communicate with the huds.

A normal http request from a hud will send a message to our server and wait for a reply. These are very reliable and were not the issue. With HTTP-In we can also send a message from our game server to your hud and the hud sends a reply back. This is how we do things like update your hud info when clan changes are made via the website, and these are the connections that were causing issues. It would seem that occasionally these connections can be very slow for no apparent reason, even in a very healthy looking sim.

Here's an example... you arrive at a new region, your hud requests an http-in address and then sends that information to the game server. The game server adds your hud address to the database for http-in communication, then looks up other huds currently in the same region and contacts those huds letting them know you arrived so that you appear straight away on their scanner. Once it has done that, it sends the reply back to your hud to end the initial communication.

The problem was, when the server was attempting to contact other huds, if it hit too many delays, the original connection sent from your hud would time out after 60 seconds, and you would see a "Connection to server failed" message. In reality the initial connection to the server worked fine, but the attempted connections to other huds in the region were failing and the whole thing timed out. The same goes for when you make a kill... your kill attempt would be sent to the server from your hud, the server would try to inform the other huds in the region of the game changes and then reply back to your hud to end the communication. Again, if there were delays, your connection would time out and your hud would never receive the expected reply.

How have we fixed / avoided this? Several ways...

Scanner improvements:

Since the last hud release, Second life has a new function called llGetAgentList() that will return a list of every avatar in the region. The scanner now uses this function and will instantly know about every avatar in the region, including non-playing humans. This means your hud no longer has to be informed when a new hunger player arrives, it will discover them for itself even if they are not wearing their hud and are thousands of meters away. It also means it no longer has to use llSensor() with it's limited 96m range and max 16 results per scan to find humans, so even in a very crowded area you will be able to see the 20 humans closest to you in correct distance order.

In other words, the scanner no longer relies on http-in connections to tell you what you need to know.

The scanner also uses another newer feature, PRIM_LINK_TARGET, which allows it to build a large list of parameters to use with a single llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast()... this means that instead of adding a single line of text at a time to the scan window, it can add them all in a single call. This will result in less transmissions from the second life server to your client and should make scan results appear faster on arrival at a new region.

The one problem with llGetAgentList() is it will always return every avatar in a region, so potentially 100 UUID's all at once. This can use a lot of memory and possibly crash a script. I think I've managed to squeeze it in there though and it has been tested working in a region with 81 agents. It's possible more than that could crash the script, but a region with more than 81 avatars is not really the place to be playing a fast paced hud game anyway :) If you find a region with more than 81 agents, please report to me if the scanner still works! Should the scanner crash, a hud reset will get it running again.

Fight / Bite Communication Improvements:

To avoid these issues all together I've done away with the need for HTTP-IN completely when it comes to fighting and biting. This means when you make a kill, rather than the game server trying to contact all the huds in the region to inform them of your victims death or the new blood level of a human you just bit, your hud will instead send a message locally within the region telling other huds of these details, which should prove much faster and more reliable and allow you to still play even when http-in is failing.

Http-In improvements:

The huds still do use http-in for other features and this can't be avoided without a major re-build. Ground fighting and blood transfer for example were built from the ground up to use http-in. But I have at least been able to improve things / let you know when there is an issue...

Attempted http-in communications to your hud will now time out after a reasonable amount of time so that your hud will get a response to its requests. In the event that http-in failed, it will be added to a message cue so another server side script can try again using more relaxed time-out settings. It will first attempt communication again with a reasonable time-out. If that fails it will try again with a more relaxed time out. Any messages still failing after that will be re-tried with no time out in an attempt to find the issue (I've had proxy error message returned only after 110 seconds!!). This should allow the cue to quickly free up messages that are working at a reasonable speed, but still find out what's wrong with messages that just refuse to go though. In the event of total failure the message will be removed from the cue and you will receive an IM from a separate device (The Hunger Messenger that sends you IM's about things like promotions done via the website) letting you know that it failed and that your current region is having problems. You will also receive an IM if the message succeeds, but was particularly slow, warning you that the region could be having trouble and it might be better to play elsewhere.

Other Changes:

  • Human blood now increases by 1 every 12 hours instead of 2 every 24 hours (so don't panic when you start getting un-even amounts from bites). This was to spread out the load for the database operation.
  • The scripts that bring you back to life are now scheduled server side (rather than using in-world devices) so even if all the Hunger regions go down you'll still come back to life on time.
  • Links to help pages and profiles in the HUD have been fixed

What else is new?

Server Improvements:

All of this is now running on new servers. We've moved away from our old dedicated servers because it no longer makes any sense to use them. Dedicated servers, once rented, don't tend to be upgraded. As a result our servers were looking a bit outdated compared to more modern offerings. Instead we are now employing cloud servers that not only will be easier to upgrade in the future, but also give us a lot more bang for our buck. Before we were running on a dual core machine with 4 gigs of RAM, large HDD's and were paying a lot for features we really don't need such as "unlimited" bandwidth and vast storage. For just a little LESS money than before we can now have 4 cores, 16 gigs of RAM, and best of all, SSD storage that will see improvement in the most important area for our game, database speed. Every action in the game gets stored to the database and solid state drives will help shave off milliseconds where it counts. The new servers are in a San-Francisco data centre, moving them closer to the Second Life servers. I've seen an average ping of 22ms to Second life regions, 3 times faster than the old servers.

The old servers also came with a lot of things installed we really didn't need, such as resource hogging control panel software. The new servers have been built from the ground up with the bare essentials. We've moved away from clunky old memory hogging Apache and have instead adopted nginx, which has a much lower memory footprint than Apache, spits out information faster and scales up much more easily.

Finally, should we ever have the need to upgrade in the future, we can literally do so at the push of a button.

Website Improvements:

A well as running on nginx which should make the site feel noticeably more snappy, all game statistics are now pulled from a local database. Before, the website server would contact the game server for statistic information, using its resources, database and bandwidth. Database replication now means the website gets all changes as they happen replicated to its own local database, meaning no matter how hard people hit the statistics pages on the site, it will have no impact what-so-ever on the game server.

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Game Rules & Hunger Terms of Service



Hunger Owned Products

All items within the game Secondlife that is registered to The Hunger Firstblood is leased to any user upon payment of L's, registering their names within the system. The Hunger Firstblood reserves the right to alter anything leased by any user(s), not limited to items such as blood, superblood, weapons, HUD(s). The Hunger Firstblood retains ownership of items purchased within the game system, and will remove purchased items, restrict gameplay without warning if in violation of The Hunger Firstblood terms of service, or SL's TOS set by Linden Labs.

Masquerade Rule

Do not break the masquerade, this means do not type in local or talk on voice about having killed, and or drained anyone. You may however talk about Hunger for explanation and recruiting purposes. If you are caught talking about killing or draining or getting other players banned from places by humans, it could result in the following punishments.

NOTE: Youmustshow proof note card and take a screen shot of chat. We are not able to use personal IMS or screen shots of personal IMS. There will no longer be excuses such as I didn't say "Hunger killed" or "drained you in Hunger" permitted.If you kill a player and you say "haha I killed you" to that player it's obvious what you are talking about. If you must brag about killing said person take it to their ims and do not do it in local.

Bot Kills & Bounties

Using an alternative account / allowing someone to kill you or de-allying to up your stats / claim a bounty or even repeatedly killing the same person over and over NOT in flight combat is considered a BOT kill.

Please note if you or an ally have a bounty it is permissible to de-ally and have a legitimate fight with WITNESSES (please make sure it is people you are not allied / just de-allied or your family, appropriate witnesses would be Battle Sim Staff, BZ Managers, and or Hunger Managers) however if it is found that you are sharing the blood claimed from the bounty it will be considered a BOT kill. A BOT kill is any kill not earned in a hunting capacity, and the following punishments below will be issued, with little or no warning.

In circumstances where large amounts of blood are obtained illegally or shared, blood could be confiscated with warning.

Harassment Rule

Continued harassment of players in HUNGER OWNED GROUPS, or in local AT HUNGER OWNED SIMS AND OR PROPERTY, will result in the following punishments. This includes any Sexual harassment ON Hunger owned properties and in Hunger owned groups!

While we will not dictate a list of words that you cannot say, using racial terms and derogatory remarks in Hunger owned groups and or properties MAY result in one of the following punishments.

Anything after three will be held to the discretion of the game owner.

Note: You must show proof note card and take a screen shot of chat.We are not able to use personal IMS or screen shots of personal IMS.


It is suggested that you go dormant while at work, shopping ,or any other times you can't actively pay attention in order to protect yourself from being killed! (PLEASE NOTE DORMANCY DOES NOT WORK DURING LIGHTS OUT!) If you are unwilling to go dormant during your work time and you are killed do not complain! You are given 6 hours of dormancy every day, use it wisely.

1. If you are killed because you refused to go dormant and you complain about being killed you will lose your hud for 24 hours.

2. Getting other players banned from your work or other places for killing you can result in punishment.

3. If you have had someone ban you or had someone banned by a human.Please refer to masquerade rules and punishments for clarification.

Breaking any of these rules will result in the following punishments.

Note: You can be reactivated by clicking one of the dormancy boards in the store, and or by having an clan or allied clan member activate you.


Vengeance is a weapon created to take revenge on a clan or other players. Vengeance does not affect your stats.

Do not vengeance weddings.

Note: If you wish to use your Vengeance at a wedding you must contact Charlie (the owner) to get the okay. Once you have been granted permission you must also state that in your wedding invite that a vengeance will be occurring.


Ban Line Clarification

There will not be a ban line rule. If you knowingly continue to go to a sim where you have been banned and or cannot touch your hud this is your own fault! If you continue to do the same behavior and it results in you getting killed we can not help you. Continuously complaining and or filing DC cards for this situation could result in punishment.

Cheat Devices

If you use something that could give you an unfair advantage over your enemy, it's most likely considered cheating in The Hunger. Any hud or viewer( it's okay to have viewer with push and freeze it is not okay to use those on players to kill them) using push, pull, cage and trap, Av follow and av stand and freeze are all banned. Some examples of banned/cheat huds in The Hunger include but are not limited to :

  • omni,xhud/vampire scanner/Gkill Scanning,Drones,/Radar HuD,xChip/Flight Assist 3.0
  • [zED] Flight booster (all versions)
  • Urahu Hud/Ultima Hud/ Toxic Hazzard Combat System Hud/AnntiGreifer System/MystiTool HUD
  • Survival Hud (or any other Hud made by Killer Calamity or alts)
  • Other game huds similar to The Hunger if using both flight assists at the same time (this is not allowed)
  • Having another player to kill/die on your account is looked at as cheating and will result in termination of your lease with The Hunger First Blood.
  • CLARIFICATION: This means that you alone control your avatar while using The Hunger hud and any items availible within The Hunger First Blood System

Any external hud(s), similar to the above, if found, will get you permanently banned from the game, without warning, or any notice sent to you. We take cheating very seriously, and will enforce this with the maximum punishments possible, per discretion of the Hunger Owner. You have been warned!


Excessive whining, complaining, breaking of any rules, or continued breaking of rules, harassment (please see harassment rules and punishments for clarification). The following examples include but are NOT limited to:

1. Sending unsolicited note cards, IM's, teleports, landmarks or any other form of spam to our players, ESPECIALLY DURING COMBAT can result in punishment.

2. Filing excessive complaints about another player without grounds can result in punishment.

3. Cheating - Please see cheat device rules for punishments and clarification.

4. Sportsmanship covers all rules on the website so think before you do something you may get in trouble for.

Banned Language

Subject to change and additions at anytime

1. Retard, or any other form of remark towards a person with special needs, handicapped or not.

2. Racial slurs orderogatorystatements about race, color or creed.

3. We do NOT allow ANY derogatory remarks about sexual preference.(ie homo, fag, etc) in ANY context

Disciplinary Rules


If you think you have a Disciplinary case:

1. Get Proof!! it is up ot you to prove your case.

2. Go to your leader (if he/she thinks you have a case then go with your leader to a DC).

3. Then if the DC thinks you have a case he will tell you what you need to do as in sending it forward to a Judge.

At NO time do you bring your case to Charlie or Brat

Chain of Command

If you have been accused or are accusing another player of violating the rules and you need assistance, please contact your the Leader of your clan FIRST. Do NOT contact Charlie or anyone else until you have spoken to your Leader. It is better to work within your clan and pack first and they will handle it accordingly.

If this does not resolve your situation please follow the chain of command.

All offenses will be taken on a case-by-case bases decided by the Hunger owner(s), judge(s) and manager(s).


Beginners Group

This group is for new hunger players under 30 days old who cannot get other Hunger based groups due to their ages. Like all other groups you must voice verify in order to obtain access. If you are found to be breaking any of the Hunger First Blood's rules it could result in termination of access to this group. Once you are 30 days old in Hunger you will be removed from this group and directed to the Hunger First Blood's main game groups.

1. Alts will not be permitted into this group.

2. If you are removed from The Hunger First Blood game system for any reason you will have to wait 30 more days to join groups. Unfortunately you are not allowed to have the beginners group again.

Chatterz Group

The Hunger Chatterz Group is for posting kills and chatting, it is NOT required for game play.

WARNING: Chatterz does not have a PG rating and OFTEN cussing and profanity take place. If you cannot handle that, it may not be the group for you! If you are a child avi you agree to this statement the minute you join the group, and may not file tos violations due to happenings of the group.

1. This group, like all Hunger First Blood groups requires voice verification to join.

2. Breaking any of the Hunger First Blood rules could result in loss of groups.

3. Alts are not permitted in this group, only one avi per person is permitted.

First Blood Group

This group is for asking general questions and or where call outs for new family members are done.

1. This group requires voice verification to join.

2. Breaking any of the Hunger First Blood rules could result in loss of groups.

3. Alts are not permitted in this group, only one avi per person is permitted.

Pure Blood- Carnage

This group is only open to leaders and owners for communication and questions.

1. This group requires voice verification.

2. Breaking any of the Hunger First Blood rules could result in loss of groups.

3. Alts are not permitted in this group, only one avi per person is permitted.

All groups are a privilege, they are not required for game play. If you are found breaking any rules, it could result in removal from any or all of these groups. You will be required to wait 30 days after your punishment ends in order to get the groups back. You will once again have to voice verify.

To join any of these groups please visit one of the staff members at the Hunger Store

and have them find someone to add you!

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Hunger Hud Tutorials

Hunger Hud v4.0 has been released! Flight combat has many new features to improve the game as you know it, and all new ground combat adds a totally new element of play. I started out assuming a quick video would be all that was needed, but with all the changes I ended up breaking it into 4 sections. Some of the vids seem to have developed compression errors at youtubes end, not sure why, but you can still see all the important bits.

Part 1 covers the buttons, the new scanner and how to lock and kill your targets, including the fun new mouselook kills...

Part 2 covers the flight assist, this is important as everyone will now have to use this flight assist to play The Hunger! The flight assist code has been re-written from the ground up and is a lot smoother and more reliable than before. It also has 3 turning speeds and works while in mouselook...

Part 3 shows you how to initiate the new hand to hand combat and tells you about each move. Apologies in advance for the constant throat clearing in the next 2 vids, my drink had run out and I had been talking too much :p...

Part 4 shows a little more hand to hand combat and covers a few things I didn't mention in the previous video, such as your health and stamina. For some reason this one only came out as 480p quality, but you can still see the bits you need...

This one shows two of our players having an epic battle :)

Speeding Up Second Life

Hunger hud not running as fast as usual? Recently changed to a different Second Life viewer? Well that might just be your problem right there, especially if you are still running on the default settings.

This article contains some tips to help speed up your SL experience and explain why some problems occur in the first place.

Saturday, 03 July 2010 09:58

All griefs & complaints must go to the list of people below before a court case will be heard, so please file your complaint with them first.

All of this is to better serve you, our most loyal and down right good Hunger Players.


Rule 1

No one is to contact Tryptofaa Sands other then tech issues, unless otherwise told to in a previous notice.

Rule 2
Be Fair 100% of the time.

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